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Division of Career Development


  1. Providing assistance for administrative affairs related to career consultations.
  2. Helping departments organize and draw up plans for activities and events related to career planning.
  3. Organize and drawing up plans for activities and events related to career planning for seniors, such as firm visits, job fairs and on-campus recruiting.
  4. Awarding full-paid Prospective Teacher Scholarship, examining and qualifying students who apply for it; assign prospective teachers who won the scholarship to their future schools.
  5. Proposing plans for improving students' performance on mock exams of teacher certification tests and teacher recruitment tests.
  6. Planning students' overseas visits.
  7. Operation intern programs of graduates.
  8. Being in charge of Career and Company Association Network (UCAN) and Institutional Research (IR), keeping track of students' background, learning record, academic performance and graduation performance and analyzing results of questionnaires filled out by students.