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To effectively foster excellent educators, the office is organized as a unit with both educational and administrative functions. The Center is consisted of a director, three administrative units, as well as 12 full-time instructors who are responsible for the teaching of professional educational curricula, and the research related to teaching materials and methods.



With an excellent tradition of over 100 years of teacher education, the university continues to focus on its excellent teaching resources. The post-graduation career development of our students is another important goal of the university, and is one of the primary educational responsibilities of any high-level academic institution.

The Center for Teacher Education and Career Development at the University of Taipei was established to deal with these very issues. The Center holds Ministry of Education approval for elementary school teacher education, special education teacher education (incl. junior and senior high schools, elementary, and preschools), and preschool/kindergarten teacher education. Student teachers at the university are able to train in education under the careful and professional supervision of experienced instructors in class or in practical study, and our education of teachers has seen affirmation from many areas of academia and society. Graduates of the university participate in accreditation programs, educational admissions tests, and public servant tests, and in large part have seen excellent results.

In consideration of the post-graduation careers of our students, the office holds various business-related lectures, visits, internships, and employment matching events. Such work helps our students to understand the actual needs and conditions of the job market and be able to add to their studies to meet challenges in the constantly changing world.



To continue our illustrious 100 year tradition in producing educators and to provide our students with a broader road for their post-graduation careers, the office and university, as well as our departments and institutes, have given their energies to the education of excellent educators in all fields. The duties of each unit are described below:

    Education Unit: Responsible for handling admissions testing, courses and scheduling, instructor employment; course credit approval, credit exemption, credit inquiry; scholarship applications for excellence in teacher education, testing, issuance, and service; Schweitzer education service groups.

    Educational Practice Unit: Support and administering of educational internships; collection of internship results; pre-internship training; application of educational internships; selection of internship supervisors; contracts with institutions offering internships; holding internship advisory meetings and printing internship manuals.

    Career Development Unit: Responsible for employment advice and guidance, career development support; employment plans for graduating students; assisting graduates of various departments (institutes) in post-graduation employment guidance and holding career development events; holding symposiums and research/study events for employment guidance and career development; printing of guidance materials and related information; career fairs, campus recruitment events and business visits; public-subsidized student services; educator admissions testing improvement events and on-site business internship plans.